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Santoro Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2016 13%, 75cl

Keskmise täidlusega hästi tasakaalustatud vein. Ilus rubiinpunane värvus. Pikk järelamitse! Väga hea hinna ja kvaliteedi suhe! Sobivus: liharoad, salatid, pasta, pitsa ja juustud.  
Price: 6.90 €

La Piuma Pecorino Terre di Chieti IGT 2018 75cl, 12%

A white blend and a delightful dry wine from the pecorino grape. It starts with sweet notes of appeal and pear with hints of jasmine, lemon and some shy floral notes. All aromas lead to tastes with a bit of ripe nectarine and honey for a crisp, clean profile. Chill and serve with a summer seafood fe...
Price: 6.90 €

GPG Garganega- Pinot Grigio Friuli - Venezia IGT 2018 12,5% 75cl

A blend of two of Italy’s best white wine grapes: Pinot Grigio and Garganega. The Grigio brings crisp apple and melon fruit to the party while the Garganega serves up a creamy texture and a hint of toasted nuts. It’s super refreshing, easy to drink.
Price: 7.70 €

SanGiacomo Casino Murri Pecorino 2017 13% 75cl

Värske, lilleline, tsitruseline, ilusalt puuviljane, mineraalne ja rikkalik vein. Sobivus: eelroad, kalaroad, mereannid, valge liha. Cambero Rosso 2018  2 bicchieri!
Discount price: 8.48 €


An excellent monovarietal sangiovese, early drinker and marked character, according to the best tradition of Caparzo. COLOUR: ruby red. BOUQUET: full and persistent, with hints of mulberry and raspberry. FLAVOUR: warm, dry, generous and well-balanced. FOOD COMBINATION: red meat, pasta with meat s...
Price: 8.80 €

Lifili Negroamaro Salento 2017 13,5%, 75cl

Beautiful deep red color. Intense aroma, where you can feel  blackcurrant and spice. The taste is full-bodied, soft and well balanced. Very good value for money!
Price: 8.80 €

Chateau Lestruelle Bordeaux 2014 13,5%, 75cl

The rich, round and fruity wine from a small winery.
Price: 8.80 €

Duca di Saragnano Sirpasso Toscana Rosso 2016 75cl, 14%

Sir Passo was conceived as an attempt to experiment new techniques in order to surprise and delight the wine drinker with a memorable combination of new aromas, flavours and style. It's an extraordinarily captivating wine which literally flows like finest silk over the palate and where the predo...
Price: 8.98 €

Duca di Saragnano Governo Rosso Toscana 2017 75cl, 13,5%

The vivid and deep red of Governo is the emblem of its strong character. The nose offers notes of ripe cherries, forest berries and spicy cloves for an unmistakable and unique bouquet. The smooth taste is the perfect balance between softness and acidity which make it an ideal companion to tasty past...
Price: 8.98 €

Heinz Schneider Riesling Classic 2018 11% 75cl

The wine is elegant and fruity. Nice minerality and light honey in aftertaste. 
Price: 9.28 €

Riesling Medaille d`Or, Alsace 12% 75cl

Light lemon aromas, with the typical fineness of Riesling.
Price: 9.28 €

Comte de Laube Brut Rose 75cl 11,5%

Lõuna Prantsusmaal toodetud elegantne vahuvein. Aroomis punased sõstrad, marjad. Maitse kerge, puuviljane. Ilus mull.     
Price: 9.38 €

Esprit De Bellevue Bordeaux Superieur 2017 13,5%

Väga elgantne vein. Pehme ja ümar. Maitses punased ja mustad marjad. Sobivus: punane liha ja juustud.
Price: 9.80 €

Pigoudet Premiere Blanc 12,5% 75cl

Kerge, värske, puuviljane.  Aroomis - ja maitses mandel, ananass, mango, sidrun ja õun. Kuldmedal Concours des Vins d`Aix en Provence. Sobivus: aperatiiv, eelroad ja kalaroad.
Price: 9.90 €

Pigoudet Premiere Rouge 2016 75cl, 14,5%

Mõnus, pehme, puuviljane vein. Aroomis ja maitses vürtsid, must kirss, kakao, pipar ja mentool. Ümar tanniin. Hõbemedal Concours de Vins d`Aix en Provence. Sobivus: punane liha, grill-liha, juustud.
Price: 9.90 €