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Les Faitieres Gewürztraminer Alsace 2017 12,5% 37,5cl

Gold colour with floral nose. Experience the crisp acidity and passion fruit flavour, with good mineral structure and peppery sensation on the finish.
Discount price: 7.63 €

Les Faitieres Riesling Guide Hachette Alsace 2017 12% 37,5cl

The aroma is fresh, rich and fruity. Taste mild, well-balanced. Hints of lemon, apple, and that of a light petrol fragrance. Serv.temp: 8-10 ° C. Wine is mentioned in the famous Guide Hachette brochure!
Price: 8.58 €

Les Faitieres Pinot Gris Alsace 2017 12,5% 37,5cl

The aroma of flowers and fruits (apple, pear, apricot). The taste is dry, rich, beautifully mineral. Aftertaste a wonderful honey-like.
Price: 8.58 €

Chateau du Moulin Bordeaux AOC 2021 12,5%

Vein on pehme ja ilusa struktuuriga. Ilus kirsipunane värvus. Aroomis on tunda mustikat ja mustsõstart. Maitse on pehme ja sametine. Veini kaunistab ümar tanniin ja kergelt vürtsikas järelmaitse.
Price: 8.98 €

Chateau de Brussac Bordeaux AOC 2018 13,5% 75cl

The wine is characterized by a beautiful ruby red color. Aroma and taste bouquet of ripe red fruit. The taste is full-bodied, rich and well balanced.
Price: 9.80 €

VPO Le Cellier des Princes Prince Vaucluse IGT 2020 14% 75cl

Keskmise täidlusega, harmooniline ja pehme vein. Aroomi – ja maitsebuketis on tunda arooniat, kirssi ja pipra nüansse. Sobivus:sealiha, vahemere köök, juustud
Price: 9.80 €

Chateau La Gorce 2018 Cru Bourgeois Medoc 37,5cl

A terrific value for this Cru Bourgeois red wine! Classic Bordeaux in the glass at a fraction of the price. Loaded with wild red berry aromas, cedar forest and black plums with a touch of spice. Full-bodied and savoury. Perfect with filet mignon.
Price: 9.80 €

Chateau Conterie Bergerac 2020 75cl, 14%

Ilus ümar ja puuviljane vein Bordeaux`st.Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda punaseid ja musti marju.Sobivus: lihatoidud ja juustud.Serv.16-18`C.
Price: 9.80 €

Marquis de Beylot Bordeaux 2019 14% 75cl

Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on punased marjad. Pehme ja ümar struktuur.Ilus tanniin. Sobivus: punane liha, grill, juustud. Serveerimistemperatuur 17`C.
Price: 9.80 €

Esprit De Bellevue Bordeaux Superieur 2019 14% 75cl

Väga elgantne vein. Pehme ja ümar. Maitses punased ja mustad marjad. Sobivus: punane liha ja juustud.
Price: 9.80 €

Cellier VPO Rosé 2022 13,5% 75cl

Ilus, kuiv roosa vein. intensiivne aroom, milles on tunda punaseid marju ja mineraalset värskust. Maitses tsitrused, punased marjad ja valged lilled.
Price: 9.80 €

Chateau de L'Eglise Bordeaux 2020 75cl, 12,5%

Aged in oak barrels, it’s a classic Bordeaux: dry yet appetising with crunchy fruit and elegant tannins. Deep violet with a perfumed nose of ripe plums, cherries and vanilla. Rich damson and mulberry flavours and a delicious lick of creamy oak.Cassis and blackberry notes and ample layers of ve...
Price: 9.90 €

Chateau Au Grand Paris Entre-Deux-Mers 2022 12,5% 75cl

Light and crisp with lively acidity, this is an attractive, simply textured wine. It has tangy citrus flavors and is ready to drink
Discount price: 10.62 €

Pinot Noir Medaille d`Or, Alsace 2019 12,5% 75cl

The wine is light, soft, elegant and fruity. In aromas and palate you can feel strawberries, raspberries and cherry nuances.
Price: 10.80 €