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Casa de Vilacetinho Vinho Verde Doc 2020 10% 75cl

Kerge, värske, kergelt kihisev pehme vein. Aroomis ja maitses on tunda tsitruselisi, valget troopilist puuvilja. Sobivus: kalaroad, mereannid, niisama nautimiseks.
Discount price: 6.73 €

UUS! Casa del Valle Acantus Sauvignon Blanc 2021 12% 75cl

Kerge, värske ja pehme vein. Aroomis ja maitses on tunda valgeid lilli, tsitruseid ja tulekivi. Balansseeritud maitse.
Discount price: 6.82 €

Chateau Les Sapins de Gaillou Blanc 2016 13%, 75cl

Värske, elav ja puuviljane vein, milles on tunda karusmarja, tsitruselisi ja erinevaid puuvilju.
Price: 6.85 €

Santoro Trebbiano d'Abruzzo 2019 12%, 75cl

A light, fresh and fruity summer wine and classic representative of Abruzzo. Bright straw yellow with greenish tinges, dry and refreshing with aromas of citrus and apple. A typical thirst quencher and companion light meals.
Price: 6.90 €

Santoro Chardonnay Puglia 2021 11,5%, 75cl

Golden yellow color, intense aromas and complex. Notes of ripe fruit such as pineapple, apricot and banana. Long and full-bodied , leaps on the palate with a finish of honey and vanilla.
Price: 6.98 €

Quinta d`Amares Dunas 10% 75cl

Väga värske ja kerge vein Portugalist. Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda ürte ja tsitruselisi. Maitse ilusalt mineraalne ja hästi balanseeritud. Sobivus: eelroad, mereannid, köögiviljaroad ja kalaroad
Price: 7.48 €

Les Faitieres Riesling Guide Hachette Alsace 2017 12% 37,5cl

The aroma is fresh, rich and fruity. Taste mild, well-balanced. Hints of lemon, apple, and that of a light petrol fragrance. Serv.temp: 8-10 ° C. Wine is mentioned in the famous Guide Hachette brochure!
Price: 7.80 €

Les Faitieres Pinot Gris Alsace 12% 37,5cl

The aroma of flowers and fruits (apple, pear, apricot). The taste is dry, rich, beautifully mineral. Aftertaste a wonderful honey-like.
Price: 7.80 €

Chateau La Castillone Bordeaux Blanc 2020 75cl, 12%

Fresh, lively, aromatic wine, with the hints of flowers. 
Price: 7.80 €

GPG Garganega- Pinot Grigio Friuli - Venezia IGT 2020 12,5% 75cl

A blend of two of Italy’s best white wine grapes: Pinot Grigio and Garganega. The Grigio brings crisp apple and melon fruit to the party while the Garganega serves up a creamy texture and a hint of toasted nuts. It’s super refreshing, easy to drink.
Price: 7.98 €

Coraldo Grillo Sicilia Doc 2019 12,5% 75cl

Ilus õlgkollane värvus. Intensiivne bukett, milles on tunda eksootilist puuvilja ja vürtse. Maitse on värske, pehme, hästi tasakaalus. Ilus, pikk järelmaitse. Serv.temp.10-12`C. Sobivus: kalaroad, nt. suitsetatud lõhe, tuna, mõõkkala, vürtsik...
Price: 8.80 €

Barbanera Toscana Bianco Leggermente Appasite IGT 13% 75cl

Ilus õlgkollane värvus. Aroomis on tunda lilli, jasmiini, tsitruse nooti, elegantset troopilist puuvilja. Maitse on täidlane ja mineraalne. Pikk järelmaitse ja ilus struktuur. Sobivus: Grillitud köögiviljad, carpaccio, kalasupid, küpsetatud valge liha
Discount price: 8.82 €

Les Faitieres Gewürztraminer Alsace 2017 12,5% 37,5cl

Gold colour with floral nose. Experience the crisp acidity and passion fruit flavour, with good mineral structure and peppery sensation on the finish.
Price: 8.98 €

Heinz Schneider Riesling Classic 2019 11,5% 75cl

The wine is elegant and fruity. Nice minerality and light honey in aftertaste. 
Discount price: 8.98 €

Pinot Blanc Medaille d'Or 2019 75cl, 12%

Pinot Blanc is a versatile wine, suitable for any occasion. It is delicious on its own, as an aperitif, or with a light meal. Ideal for banquets and similar occasions.
Price: 8.98 €