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Santoro Chardonnay Puglia 2021 11,5%, 75cl

Golden yellow color, intense aromas and complex. Notes of ripe fruit such as pineapple, apricot and banana. Long and full-bodied , leaps on the palate with a finish of honey and vanilla.
Price: 7.48 €

GPG Garganega- Pinot Grigio Friuli - Venezia IGT 2021 12,5% 75cl

A blend of two of Italy’s best white wine grapes: Pinot Grigio and Garganega. The Grigio brings crisp apple and melon fruit to the party while the Garganega serves up a creamy texture and a hint of toasted nuts. It’s super refreshing, easy to drink.
Discount price: 7.92 €

Chateau La Castillone Bordeaux Blanc 2021 75cl, 11,5%

Fresh, lively, aromatic wine, with the hints of flowers. 
Discount price: 7.92 €

Coraldo Grillo Sicilia Doc 2020 12,5% 75cl

Ilus õlgkollane värvus. Intensiivne bukett, milles on tunda eksootilist puuvilja ja vürtse. Maitse on värske, pehme, hästi tasakaalus. Ilus, pikk järelmaitse. Serv.temp.10-12`C. Sobivus: kalaroad, nt. suitsetatud lõhe, tuna, mõõkkala, vürtsik...
Price: 7.98 €

Casa de Vilacetinho Vinho Verde Doc 2021 10% 75cl

Kerge, värske, kergelt kihisev pehme vein. Aroomis ja maitses on tunda tsitruselisi, valget troopilist puuvilja. Sobivus: kalaroad, mereannid, niisama nautimiseks.
Price: 8.28 €

Quinta d`Amares Dunas 10% 75cl

Väga värske ja kerge vein Portugalist. Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda ürte ja tsitruselisi. Maitse ilusalt mineraalne ja hästi balanseeritud. Sobivus: eelroad, mereannid, köögiviljaroad ja kalaroad
Price: 8.28 €

Les Faitieres Riesling Guide Hachette Alsace 2017 12% 37,5cl

The aroma is fresh, rich and fruity. Taste mild, well-balanced. Hints of lemon, apple, and that of a light petrol fragrance. Serv.temp: 8-10 ° C. Wine is mentioned in the famous Guide Hachette brochure!
Price: 8.58 €

Les Faitieres Pinot Gris Alsace 2017 12,5% 37,5cl

The aroma of flowers and fruits (apple, pear, apricot). The taste is dry, rich, beautifully mineral. Aftertaste a wonderful honey-like.
Price: 8.58 €

Les Faitieres Gewürztraminer Alsace 2017 12,5% 37,5cl

Gold colour with floral nose. Experience the crisp acidity and passion fruit flavour, with good mineral structure and peppery sensation on the finish.
Price: 8.98 €

Biscardo UVAM Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 2021 12% 75cl

Õlgkollane värvus, delikaatne, värske ja puuviljane. Pehme mineraalsusega harmooniline vein. Sobivus: mereannid, kalaroad, juustud ning valge liha. Serv.temp.: 8-10° C
Price: 9.80 €

Heinz Schneider Riesling Classic 2020 11,5% 75cl

The wine is elegant and fruity. Nice minerality and light honey in aftertaste. 
Price: 10.80 €

Biscardo Soave Classico San Lorenzo 2021 13% 75cl

Colour: straw yellow with greenish reflections. Bouquet: vinous with the characteristic delicate perfume Taste: dry, medium-bodied and nicely balanced
Price: 10.80 €

Barbanera Toscana Bianco Leggermente Appasite IGT 2020 13% 75cl

Ilus õlgkollane värvus. Aroomis on tunda lilli, jasmiini, tsitruse nooti, elegantset troopilist puuvilja. Maitse on täidlane ja mineraalne. Pikk järelmaitse ja ilus struktuur. Sobivus: Grillitud köögiviljad, carpaccio, kalasupid, küpsetatud valge liha
Price: 10.80 €

Chateau Au Grand Paris Entre-Deux-Mers 2021 12,5% 75cl

Light and crisp with lively acidity, this is an attractive, simply textured wine. It has tangy citrus flavors and is ready to drink
Price: 11.48 €

Pigoudet Premiere Blanc 2021 13% 75cl

The Premiere Blanc has a beautiful bright yellow color with green reflections. The first nose is flattering, and fruity notes dominate notably pear. Then it becomes more complex with vegetal and almond touches. The mouth opens the freshness, and the aromas announced by the nose are such as the pear....
Price: 11.80 €