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GPG Garganega- Pinot Grigio Friuli - Venezia IGT 2021 12,5% 75cl

A blend of two of Italy’s best white wine grapes: Pinot Grigio and Garganega. The Grigio brings crisp apple and melon fruit to the party while the Garganega serves up a creamy texture and a hint of toasted nuts. It’s super refreshing, easy to drink.
Discount price: 7.18 €

Santoro Primitivo Puglia 2021 12,5%, 75cl

It has robust flavours & ripe tannins, dominated by red fruits with a touch of spice on the finish! This is a steal at the price!!
Price: 7.28 €

Duca di Saragnano Aglianico Primitivo 2021 75cl, 13,5%

Obtained from the blend of the two homonyms varieties, both traditionally grown in Puglia, this wine is deep purple in colour with red glints. Intense blackberry fruit on the nose with floral notes of violet, are the best expression of the grapes. The palate is full-bodied, with the structure and se...
Price: 8.48 €

Barbanera Toscana Bianco Leggermente Appasite IGT 2020 13% 75cl

Ilus õlgkollane värvus. Aroomis on tunda lilli, jasmiini, tsitruse nooti, elegantset troopilist puuvilja. Maitse on täidlane ja mineraalne. Pikk järelmaitse ja ilus struktuur. Sobivus: Grillitud köögiviljad, carpaccio, kalasupid, küpsetatud valge liha
Discount price: 8.82 €

Barbanera Toscana Rosato Leggermente Appasite 2020 13,5%

Õrn kahvaturoosa värvus. Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda lilli, roosi nüanssi, elegantset vahemere briisi, granaatõuna. Maitse on värske, hästi tasakaalustatud. Sobivus: Mereannid, köögiviljaroad, külmad lihalõigud, liha carpaccio, värsk...
Discount price: 8.82 €

Baronie Coraldo Syrah IGT Terre Siciliane 2020 75cl 13%

Ilus rubiinpunane värvus. Soe ja kauakestev maitse, milles tunda musta pipart, vürtsi, tüümiani ja metsamarju. Järelamitse sametine ning ilus tanniin. 
Price: 8.98 €

Puianello Primarosa Reggiano Doc Lambrusco Rosato 11% 75cl

Õrnroosa värvus- Lilleline ja puuviljane bukett, milles on tunda tsitruseid. Väga delikaatne roosa Lambrusco! Serv. temp. 12-14'C!
Price: 8.98 €

Uvam Blush Pinot Grigio 2021 12% 75cl

Ilus heleroosa värvus. Bukett: väga elegantne, ilusalt puuviljane ja lilleline (akaatsia). Maitse: kerge, mineraalne ja hästi balansseeritud. Sobivus: aperatiiviks, mereannid, kalaroad, valge liha ja riisitoidud.
Price: 9.28 €

Coraldo Nero d’Avola IGT Terre Siciliane 2021 75cl 13%

Ilus rubiinpunane värvus. Intensiivne aroom milles tunda metsmaasikaid ja granaatõuna. Maitse on pehme ja sametine. Ilus ümar tanniin.
Price: 9.28 €

Biscardo UVAM Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 2021 12% 75cl

Õlgkollane värvus, delikaatne, värske ja puuviljane. Pehme mineraalsusega harmooniline vein. Sobivus: mereannid, kalaroad, juustud ning valge liha. Serv.temp.: 8-10° C
Price: 9.28 €

Neropasso Rosso Veneto 2019 13,5%, 75cl

Bukett: vürtsid, kirss, must kirss ja ploomimoos. Maitse: Sametine, pehme, kompleksne. Pikk järelmaitse. Mundus Vini kuldmedal. Berliner Wine Trophy 2016. Decanter pronksmedal 2015 Sobivus: Pasta, valge ja punane liha, küpsed juustud.
Discount price: 9.72 €

Puianello Borgoleto Reggiano Doc Lambrusco 9,5% 75cl

Ilus rubiinpunane värvus. Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda violetti ja erinevaid marju. Täidlane, ümar ja harmooniline Lambrusco. Sobib ka kõige nõudlikumale maitsele! Serv. temp. 14-16'C
Discount price: 9.72 €

Caparzo Rosso di Montalcino 37,5cl, 2019 13,5%

Wine of long tradition coming from the vines of Caparzo (North), Cassero (South) and San Piero Caselle (East). COLOUR: quite dark ruby red. BOUQUET: pervasive bouquet, very generous and varied, with hints of violet, raspberry and pomegranate. FLAVOUR: warm, dry, generous, well-balanced. FOOD COMB...
Price: 9.80 €

Duca di Saragnano Sir passo Toscana Rosso 2019 75cl, 14%

Sir Passo was conceived as an attempt to experiment new techniques in order to surprise and delight the wine drinker with a memorable combination of new aromas, flavours and style. It's an extraordinarily captivating wine which literally flows like finest silk over the palate and where the predo...
Price: 9.80 €

Barbanera Rosso di Montebulciano 2019 13%, 75cl

Young red in colour with purple hues. The bouquet is intensely vinous with notes of forest berries, cherries, violets and spicy scents. The easy and charming character of this wine is the result of the smooth and fresh texture deriving from the mid-structured tannins and the natural acidity of the g...
Price: 9.80 €