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Caparzo Rosso di Montalcino 37,5cl, 2019 13,5%

Wine of long tradition coming from the vines of Caparzo (North), Cassero (South) and San Piero Caselle (East). COLOUR: quite dark ruby red. BOUQUET: pervasive bouquet, very generous and varied, with hints of violet, raspberry and pomegranate. FLAVOUR: warm, dry, generous, well-balanced. FOOD COMB...
Price: 9.80 €

Duca di Saragnano Sir passo Toscana Rosso 2019 75cl, 14%

Sir Passo was conceived as an attempt to experiment new techniques in order to surprise and delight the wine drinker with a memorable combination of new aromas, flavours and style. It's an extraordinarily captivating wine which literally flows like finest silk over the palate and where the predo...
Price: 9.80 €

Barbanera Rosso di Montebulciano 2019 13%, 75cl

Young red in colour with purple hues. The bouquet is intensely vinous with notes of forest berries, cherries, violets and spicy scents. The easy and charming character of this wine is the result of the smooth and fresh texture deriving from the mid-structured tannins and the natural acidity of the g...
Price: 9.80 €

Lifili Negroamaro Salento 2021 13,5%, 75cl

Beautiful deep red color. Intense aroma, where you can feel  blackcurrant and spice. The taste is full-bodied, soft and well balanced. Very good value for money!
Price: 9.80 €

Chateau Haut Riot Cuvée de l` Abbaye Bordeaux AOC 2020 13,5% 75cl

Pehme, elegantne vein. Aroomis ja maitses punased marjad. Pehme tanniin ja pikk järelmaitse. Sobivus: liharoad ja juustud. Hõbemedal Concours International de Lyon 2017 
Price: 9.80 €

Barbanera Leggermente Appassite Rosso 2020 14% 75cl

Aroomis ja maitses küpsed punased puuviljad ja moosisus, lõppmaitses vürtsid ja  vanill. Maitse on pehme, ümar ja kauakestev.
Price: 9.90 €

Pinot Noir Medaille d`Or, Alsace 2018 13% 75cl

The wine is light, soft, elegant and fruity. In aromas and palate you can feel strawberries, raspberries and cherry nuances.
Price: 9.98 €

Caparzo Sangiovese IGT Toscana 2020 13,5% 75cl

An excellent monovarietal sangiovese, early drinker and marked character, according to the best tradition of Caparzo. COLOUR: ruby red. BOUQUET: full and persistent, with hints of mulberry and raspberry. FLAVOUR: warm, dry, generous and well-balanced. FOOD COMBINATION: red meat, pasta with meat s...
Price: 9.98 €

Duca di Saragnano Governo Rosso Toscana 2020 75cl, 13,5%

The vivid and deep red of Governo is the emblem of its strong character. The nose offers notes of ripe cherries, forest berries and spicy cloves for an unmistakable and unique bouquet. The smooth taste is the perfect balance between softness and acidity which make it an ideal companion to tasty past...
Price: 9.98 €

Chateau les Egaux Cotes de Bourg 2018 75cl, 14%

Beautiful red ruby color,this wine is round and soft with red fruits aromas . The tannis are supple and melted and bring to the wine roundness and fineness. A well balanced.
Price: 9.98 €

Barbanera Chianti Governo 2020 13,5% 75cl

Intensiivne punane värvus. Kompleksne struktuur. Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda musti marju ja balsamico nooti. Väga pehme ja puuviljane. Sobivus: eelroad, praetud liha ja metslinnuliha  
Price: 9.98 €

Chateau Lestruelle Bordeaux Bio 2018 13,5%, 75cl

Rikkalik, ümar ning puuviljane vein väikesest veinimõisast.
Price: 9.98 €

Boscaini Carlo Valpolicella Classico Ca Bussin 2021 12,5% 75cl

A ruby red wine which assails the nostrils with an aroma of fresh mint. Soft and round on the palate this red has a sensationally fruity finish which makes it an ideal accompaniment to pasta and cold salami dishes.  Ideally served at room temperature. 
Price: 10.48 €

Pigoudet Premiere Rouge 2018 75cl, 13,5%

The Premiere Rouge has an intense, deep purple color. it has garnet reflections. The nose is fine and flattering, pleasant of ripe fruits with hints of cocoa and pepper. With a nice freshness thanks to notes of peppers. On the palate, the Premiere Rouge is particularly supple. We find aromas of ripe...
Price: 10.98 €

Baglio Gibellina Miraggio Rosso Sicilia Riserva 2015 14% 75cl

Intensiivne aroom. Aroomis ja maitses on tunda küpset puuvilja ja vürtse. Vein on soe, täidlane, harmooniline ja pehme. Elegantne tanniin.
Price: 11.48 €