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Caparzo Brunello di Montalcino 2013 37,5cl, 13,5%

Wine of long tradition coming from the vines of Caparzo (North), La Caduta (West), Cassero (South) and San Piero Caselle (East). A Brunello unique in style, enhanced by the different microclimates. COLOUR: ruby red, tending to garnet red with ageing. BOUQUET: penetrating, very full and varied, re...
Price: 18.49 €

Chateau Capdet Listrac-Médoc Bordeaux 2015 75cl, 14%

Käsitsi korjatud viinamarjad, hoolikas veinivalmistamise protsess, hea pinnas (lubjakivi ja kruus) ning väga hea aastakäik annavad suurepärase veini. Vein on väga elegantne, puuviljane ja pehme.Veini kaunistab ümar tanniin ja ilus pikk järelmaitse. Säilitamisp...
Price: 18.50 €

Castelfeder Pinot Nero "Glener" 2017 13%, 75cl

Powerful ruby red colour. Fine characteristic Pinot bouquet with a clearly fruity character and a trace of spicey and smokey aromas. This wine is powerful and expressive on the palate with a pleasant tannic background. A noble wine for moderately complicated dishes.
Price: 18.50 €

Casetta Barbaresco Docg 2014 75cl

Brilliant ruby red colour with garnet highlights Full and intense bouquet, with violet and black berries hints. Well-bodied wine with full flavour in the mouth. Intense fruit and soft tannins. Wine with structure capable of withstanding the test of time 
Price: 18.80 €

Chablis Tremblay Marchive 2018 12,5% 75cl

Pale lemon coloured, the nose shows pure citrus aromas and cooking apples. Thepalate is crisp and lively with a persistent dry mineral finish.
Price: 18.80 €

Ottella Le Creete Lugana DOC 2017 75cl 13%

COLOUR • Warm, golden, intense straw-yellow. NOSE • Enveloping, immediate exotic hints, pineapple and grapefruit. The development is very pleasurable, with remarkable mineral sensations. PALATE • This is a wine of remarkable subtlety which does not reno...
Price: 18.80 €

Gitton Sancerre en Creux 13,5% 75cl

Äärmiselt delikaatne, rikkalik ja mineraalne vein. Aroomis ja maitses troopilised puuviljad ja tsitrused. Pikk järelmaitse. Suupisted kalast (suitsulõhe ja forell), kalaroad, mereannid, juustud. Väga hea tootja! 
Discount price: 18.81 €

Cellier des Princes Gigondas 2016 15% 75cl

The wine comes from old grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Cinsault, over 40 years old. The grapes are completly hand-picked. Well structured, strong and full bodied, it will age from 5 to 7 years. You can also enjoy it younger. It will perfectly match dishes with sauce, roasted meat, game and cheese.
Discount price: 18.88 €

Tombacco Vino Bianco BIB 3L, 11%

Mild dry white wine.
Price: 18.90 €

Chateau Guitignan Moulis en Médoc 2016 75cl, 13,5%

Elegantne, pehme ja kompleksne vein. Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis vanilje, tubakas, punased marjad. Maitse ümar ja kauakestev. Hõbemedal Pariis 2018!
Price: 18.98 €

Chablis Tremblay Marchive Envers de Valmur 2018 12,5%

 It is a very fine typical minerally Chablis with just the slightest touch of oak to add complexity and a hint of citrus.
Discount price: 19.62 €

Mocali Mirus Maremma Toscana 2015 14%, 75cl

Intensiivne punane värvus. Aroomi ja maitsebuketis puuviljad, punased marjad, vürtsid- vanill, kaneel, tubakas. Pehme täidlane, ilusa struktuuriga.  Pikk järelmaitse. 
Price: 19.80 €

Chateau Le Grand Paroissien Haut-Medoc 2016 14% 75cl

Täidlane ja kompleksne vein. Maitse- ja aroomibuketis mustad marjad, vürts, vanill, ploomimoos. Hästi tasakaalustatud ja pikk järelmaitse. Kuldmedal Pariis 2018!
Price: 19.90 €

Gitton Sancerre Les Belles Dames 75cl 2017 13%

Fruity, aromatic scent with hints of yellow pear, black currant leaves, lemon and yellow kiwi.
Price: 19.98 €

NEW! Le Renard Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2017 13% 75cl

Intensiivne aroom: mustad marjad, nahk. Vein on kerge, aga samas kompleksne, ilusalt puuviljane ja hästi balansseeritud. Sobivus: eelroad, linnuliha road, grill- kala.
Price: 19.98 €