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Casetta Langhe Doc Nebbiolo 2007 13% 75cl

Brilliant red colour with varying intensity, tending to garnet with time Intense bouquet with withered flowers and wild fruit, In the mouth it is warm, velvety, rich in aromas. Well-balanced and lingering
Price: 11.60 €

Praelatenberg Grand Cru Riesling, Alsace 2016 12,5% 75cl

Crisp and dry with tropical fruit, griddled pineapple, cherry blossom, spices, sea spray and the waft of a distant petrol station.
Discount price: 11.68 €

Cellier des Princes Cotes Du Rhone Village 2014 14% 75cl

The robe is with a beautiful intense red, the nose is powerful with a dominant of red berries as blackcurrant, accompanied by reglisse and spices. Very beautiful balance in mouth with a lot of volume and the presence of a tannic structure but with tannins flexible and melted.  This wine can wa...
Price: 11.80 €

Chateau Haut-Bernones Haut-Médoc Bordeaux 2016 75cl 13,5%

Hand-picked grapes, careful vinification process, good soil (limestone and gravel), and the maturation of 18 months in oak barrels give an elegant, soft and fruity wine. Aromas and palate is felt black berries. Serv.17 / 18`C. Before serving, be sure to let the wine breathe for 1-2 hours. A good vin...
Price: 11.80 €

Lunae Bosoni Colli di Luni Carpe Diem 75cl, 12%

The soft, well-balanced, dry, fruity and elegant wine. The taste is fresh and harmonious, in which you can feel flowers and fresh fruit.
Price: 11.80 €

Anares Crianza Rioja Doc 2016 13,5% 75cl

Ilus rubiinpunane värvus. Vein on kompleksne ja harmooniline. Maitse ilusti struktureeritud. Järelmaitse pikk ja nüansirikas.
Price: 11.90 €

Cerro Anon Crianza Rioja Doc 2015 13,5% 75cl

Dark red color with ruby reflections . Very fruity on the nose , with gentle oak finish. The taste is very well built, with a strong structure.  
Price: 11.98 €

Cellier des Princes Cotes du Rhone La Couronne 2016 14,5% 75cl

This wine has been selected from parcels depending on their soil, age and grape varieties with small yield. This wine is a blend of three Côtes du Rhône grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. Grenache brings strengh, fatness and softness. Syrah brings aromas of violets a...
Price: 11.98 €

NEW! Biscardo Lugana DOC Morena Bianca 12,5% 75cl

Värske, mineraalne ja elegantne vein Garda järve äärest Luganast. Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis lilled ja ilus puuviljasus. Sobivus: pasta, risotto, supid, kalaroad, mereannid, valge kala ja küpsed juustud.
Price: 11.98 €

Colli di Luni Fior di Luna 2018 75cl, 12,5%

Intensiivne , harmooniline ja elegantne vein. Värvus hele kuldkollane. Maitse on rikkalik, milles on tunda erinevaid puuvilju ja metsalilli. Vein on pärjatud mitmete tähtsate auhindadega: Parim valge vein VinItaly 2014!
Discount price: 12.58 €

Boscaini Carlo Valpolicella Classico Doc Superiore Ripasso La Preosa 2014 13,5% 75cl

Already an intense cherry red, the colour of this wine deepens with maturity. Deliciously spicy on the nose with a sweeter vanilla afternote and a lovely robust fruity finish. A well structured wine.
Price: 12.80 €

NEW! Chateau Moulin de la Bridane Haut-Medoc 2015 12,5% 75cl

Kompleksne, täidlane vein. Aroomis ja maitses kirss, suitsusus, vanill ja vürtsid. Pehme, sametine järelmaitse. Sobivus: liharoad ja juustud
Price: 12.80 €

Heinz Schneider Mons Gradus Riesling 2017 11,5% 75cl

Beautiful and elegant Riesling. In a taste you can feel minerality, light apricot, apple and wet stone.
Price: 12.90 €

Lecciaia Merlot Toscana 2013 75cl, 14%

Ilus,sügav ja ümar vein Toskaanast.Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda musti marju, musta kirssi, küpset puuvilja ja šokolaadi nüanssi.Serv.16-18`C
Price: 12.90 €

Lecciaia Cabernet Sauvignon Toscana 2015 75cl, 13,5%

Ilus,sügav ja rikkalik ning kergelt joodav vein LõunaToskaanast.Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda musti marju, musta kirssi,ploomi aniisi ning vanilli. Serv.16-18`C
Price: 12.90 €