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Barbanera Levante Bianco 75cl, 2016 13%

Straw yellow in colour marked by green reflections. The powerful fragrance of acacia and exotic fruit, combine to perfection with soft herbaceous scents at the basis of this wine. Soft and round, fruity and well balanced in acidity, it has a pleasant and a fresh finish that could accompany at its be...
Price: 7.90 €

Caparzo Rosso di Montalcino 37,5cl, 2015 13%

Wine of long tradition coming from the vines of Caparzo (North), Cassero (South) and San Piero Caselle (East). COLOUR: quite dark ruby red. BOUQUET: pervasive bouquet, very generous and varied, with hints of violet, raspberry and pomegranate. FLAVOUR: warm, dry, generous, well-balanced. FOOD COMB...
Price: 7.98 €

NEW! Coraldo Nero d’Avola IGT Terre Siciliane 75cl 13%

Ilus rubiinpunane värvus. Intensiivne aroom milles tunda metsmaasikaid ja granaatõuna. Maitse on pehme ja sametine. Ilus ümar tanniin.
Price: 7.98 €

NEW! Baronie Coraldo Syrah IGT Terre Siciliane 75cl 13%

Ilus rubiinpunane värvus. Soe ja kauakestev maitse, milles tunda musta pipart, vürtsi, tüümiani ja metsamarju. Järelamitse sametine ning ilus tanniin. 
Price: 7.98 €

Chateau La Gorce 2015 Cru Bourgeois Medoc 37,5ml

A terrific value for this Cru Bourgeois red wine! Classic Bordeaux in the glass at a fraction of the price. Loaded with wild red berry aromas, cedar forest and black plums with a touch of spice. Full-bodied and savoury. Perfect with filet mignon.
Price: 8.08 €

Mocali Fosseti Rosso Toscano 2016 13,5% 75cl

Ilus sügavpunane värvus. Puuviljane, ümar, aroomis värsked puuviljad. 
Discount price: 8.33 €

Neropasso Rosso Veneto 2016 13,5%, 75cl

Bukett: vürtsid, kirss, must kirss ja ploomimoos. Maitse: Sametine, pehme, kompleksne. Pikk järelmaitse. Mundus Vini kuldmedal. Berliner Wine Trophy 2016. Decanter pronksmedal 2015 Sobivus: Pasta, valge ja punane liha, küpsed juustud.
Discount price: 8.48 €

Oropasso Garganega - Chardonnay 2018 13% 75cl

Väga delikaatne, värske, hästi balanseeritud ja mineraalne vein. Bukett: tsitrusviljad, lilled. Mundus Vini kuldmedal. Berliner Wine Trophy 2016.  International Wine Challenge Bronze. Sobivus: Pasta, Risotto, supid, meraannid, kalaroad, küpsed juustud, valge liha.  
Discount price: 8.48 €


An excellent monovarietal sangiovese, early drinker and marked character, according to the best tradition of Caparzo. COLOUR: ruby red. BOUQUET: full and persistent, with hints of mulberry and raspberry. FLAVOUR: warm, dry, generous and well-balanced. FOOD COMBINATION: red meat, pasta with meat s...
Price: 8.50 €

Casa di Terra Bolgheri Vermentino 37,5cl 2015 13,5%

Vermentino is a long time now the white variety typical of the Tuscan coast, where fully expresses its organoleptic characteristics, the color is straw yellow with golden hues, the nose showed the typical notes of sage and Mediterranean as well as notes of citrus varietal the mouth is fresh, oily fi...
Price: 8.50 €

Uvam Blush Pinot Grigio 2017 12% 75cl

Ilus heleroosa värvus. Bukett: väga elegantne, ilusalt puuviljane ja lilleline (akaatsia). Maitse: kerge, mineraalne ja hästi balansseeritud. Sobivus: aperatiiviks, mereannid, kalaroad, valge liha ja riisitoidud.
Price: 8.60 €

Mavum Pinot Bianco - Pinot Nero IGT Trevenezie 2017 12,5% 75cl

Väga delikaatne, värske, kergelt aromaatne ja mineraalne vein. Sobivus: mereannid, värsked juustud, pastaroad, valge liha ja kala. Mundus vini hõbemedal!
Price: 8.78 €

Esprit De Bellevue Bordeaux Superieur 2015 13,5%

Väga elgantne vein. Pehme ja ümar. Maitses punased ja mustad marjad. Sobivus: punane liha ja juustud.
Price: 8.78 €

Lifili Negroamaro Salento 2017 13,5%, 75cl

Beautiful deep red color. Intense aroma, where you can feel  blackcurrant and spice. The taste is full-bodied, soft and well balanced. Very good value for money!
Price: 8.80 €

Lifili Primitivo Puglia 13,5%, 75cl

Deep ruby red color. Full-bodied, warm and well-balanced wine. Taste of plum, cherry, vanilla, rosamarin. With beautiful long aftertaste. Very good value for money!
Price: 8.80 €