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Castelfeder Chardonnay "Doss" 2017 13%, 75cl

This wine is pale yellow in colour with green reflections and characterises the variety with it’s diversity of aromas: mature fruits such as apple and pear and bananas mixed with exotic fruit notes of mango and a trace of honey. Slightly spicy, well structured and full in the mouth with a mine...
Price: 13.48 €

Castelfeder Pinot Grigio "15" 2017 13,5%, 75cl

Light green lusters run through the radiant straw-yellow colour of this wine. Its aroma is rich in fruits, the most striking of which are pears and apples. An excellent balance gives this wine strength and structure. It is dry and smooth on the palate with a pleasant, mineral aftertaste. Pinot Grigi...
Price: 13.48 €

Biscardo Rosapasso 2018 12% 75cl in ice bag

Väga rikkalik, mineraalne ning savine pinnas võimaldab toota väga delikaatset ja komplekset roosat Pinot Nerot.  Ilus lõheroosa värvus. Elegantne, värske ja ilusalt puuviljane vein. Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda maasikat ja kirssi. Maitse on pehme ja harmoo...
Price: 13.88 €

Ottella Gemei Lugana Doc 2017 12,5% 14%

Väga rikkalik ja põnev vein Luganast.Valmistatud peamiselt Corvina Veronese viinamarjast. Maitses ilus küps puuvili ja sametine järelmaitse.Enne serveerimist 0,5 tundi õhutada!Serv.temp 16`C  
Price: 13.90 €

Pigoudet Cuvee Classic Rose Provence 2017 75cl

Ilus heleroosa värvus. Väga delikaatne vein Provence`st. Aroom on kompleksne, milles on tunda mandariini, lilli: pojeng, roos. Ilus happesus. Maitse on ilusti balanseeritud, milles tunda tsitruseid, greipi, ananassi ja valged lilli. Väga pikk ja kergelt vürtsikas järelmaitse...
Price: 13.90 €

NEW! Biscardo Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Classico Superiore 14% 75cl

Ilus rubiinpunane värvus. Kuiv, rikkalik, kompleksne, täidlane ja sametine vein. Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda mustsõstart, musta kirssi, kohvi noote, musta šokolaadi. ja vanilli. Vein on küpsenud 12kuud tammevaadis. Sobivus. Küpsed juustud, liharoad (loomaliha,...
Price: 13.90 €

Chateau Chaigneau Lalande de Pomerol 2014 75cl, 12,5%

Chateau Chaigneau asub Lalande de Pomerol`i südames, 7km.St.Emilionist ja 3 km Pomerolist.40 aastased viinamarjaväädid, käsitsi korjatud viinamarjad ja hoolikas veinivalmistamise protsess.Vein on väga pehme ja ümar.Aroomi- ja maitsebuketis on tunda punaseid marju ning r...
Price: 13.95 €

Anares Reserva Rioja 2012 14% 75cl

Classic Rioja, smooth and mellow withwith ripe red fruit flavours, complex gamey aromas, and long vanilla finish. A long mouthful with good structure. A reminder of the fruit returning in the aftertaste Aromatic complexity, red berries, liquorice and hints of smokiness.
Price: 13.98 €

Gewürztraminer Cuvee Exceptionelle 2015 12,5% 75cl

On a bright and intense color, this Gewurztraminer is very aromatic because of overripe grapes of the vine. It reveals notes of brioche and candied quince aromas.
Price: 13.98 €

Lunae Bosoni Colli de Luni Vermentino Et.Grigio 2018 12,5%

Straw-yellow colour with youthful greenish highlights. Intense, persistent, sophisticated aroma of great elegance, with hints of hawthorn, grapefruit, rennet apple, white peach and a pleasing undertone of acacia honey. Fresh and properly balanced on the palate, it rewards us with interesting develop...
Price: 13.98 €

Pinot Gris Cuvee Exceptionelle Alsace 2015 13,5%

Deep yellow colour with generous aromas of lush pear, melon and lychee. The rich, honeyed palate is full of character, with juicy, satisfying flavours of baked apple and guava, with hints of sweet spice.  Touch of sweetness on the long finish.
Price: 13.98 €

Lunae Bosoni Colli di Luni Auxo 2014 13% 75cl

Intense ruby red colour. Persistent aromas of ripe fruit and berries, prunes and red mulberries on the nose. The clear spicy note recalls black pepper and liquorice. The wine is warm and soft but well-balanced by the signifcant structure and pleasing tannin.
Price: 13.98 €

Chateau du Fort Pontus Fronsac 2016 14%

Vein on pehme ja ümar. Aroomis- ja maitses elegantne vürts, magus puuvili. Väga hea aastakäik! Sobivus: grill-liha, metslinnud, valge liha, juustud
Price: 13.98 €

Laztana Reserva Rioja 2014 13,5%, 75cl

Intense, balanced and archetypal Rioja, with warming aromas of dark cherry, spice, tobacco and berries. Vanilla and cedar form the attack on the suave palate, which has fabulous concentration, further enhanced by notes of dried herbs, burlap leather, liquorice and sumptuous red cherry fruit.  ...
Price: 13.98 €

Mocali Rosso Di Montalcino 2016 13,5%, 75cl

Ilus rubiinpunane värvus. Aroomi ja maitsebuketis värsked puuviljad. Kuiv, pikk ja aromaatne järelamitse. Wine Spectator 90/100!
Discount price: 14.28 €